"The tools and process reengineering that Dr. Edgell recommended have helped us to strategically reallocate scarce marketing resources. These changes have yielded dramatic and successful results." 

Ethan Hanabury


Senior Associate Dean

Columbia Business School

Professional Qualifications Summary

Dr. Edgell founded Ameursian, a consultancy that provides strategy, business planning, organizational design, research, and education for socially responsible businesses and nonprofits. Select clients and challenges include the following: 

Independent Press Association, a media infrastructure organization, wanted to create an overall organization integration strategy and reposition its brand with funding foundations. Dr. Edgell was asked to prepare an enhanced organizational design and development strategy including a new proposal and communication approach and a targeted foundation list (over 400 media funders). His work enabled the organization to acquire funding from new sources and to be selected as one of three finalists (from over nonprofit 100 invitees) for a $1 million grant. 

Columbia Business School's Executive Education Program wanted to improve customer recruitment. Dr. Edgell was retained to enhance branding, increase the number of participants recruited (by 15%) without any increase in marketing budget, and to recommend curriculum enhancements. His changes resulted in a cost-effective reallocation of scarce marketing resources and enhanced ROI. Soon thereafter, the FINANCIAL TIMES ranked the program number one in the world.

American Management Association (AMA) desired to update its course offering to stay competitive.  As a faculty member of the marketing and management divisions, Dr. Edgell authored the executive training seminar and 200-page companion book titled, PROFITABLE MARKETING AND BRANDING IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY.

ACF, a news and information nonprofit dedicated to delivering high quality (NPR style) journalism about critical topics overlooked by mainstream media, wanted to extend its audience reach. Dr. Edgell was asked to develop an enhanced business vision that would achieve these objectives.  He led a team effort to develop a comprehensive process for the organization, strategic alliances, and a new business proposal.  As a result, the Surdna foundation awarded a $200,000 grant for the implementation of an online strategy.

Saint Mary’s College of California, School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) wanted to strengthen its ties to the global business community.  Dr. Edgell was selected by an academic committee to serve as the first-ever Visiting Executive.  During his tenure, he created and delivered graduate and undergraduate courses, advised students on career development and communication skills, and forged alliances.  He worked to further build SEBA’s brand image by developing international study tours hosted by various high-profile industry executives.