Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Edgell has taught executives, MBA graduates, and senior undergraduate students at diverse international institutions and has consistently received high faculty satisfaction scores. He has extensive curriculum experience with a range of strategic management, governance, change leadership, and social responsibility topics. Since 2000, he has conceptualized and developed more than 15 courses and delivered over 20 unique courses, seminars, and lectures. His primary teaching topics include: Innovation and change leadership; strategic management and governance; corporate social responsibility and ethics; international business and emerging markets; and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Edgell's teaching philosophy fuses problem framing and solving, adapted from design thinking, with proven management education approaches. He varies his style and content to support the desired learning outcome (cognitive awareness, knowledge acquisition, or behavior change) and student maturity. For younger students, he stimulates imagination and questioning by integrating deficit techniques and sets challenging performance expectations using accelerated learning techniques. For mature participants, he explains theory, demonstrates practical relevance, and encourages the sharing and incorporation of participants' valuable expertise. He creates courses that use positive reinforcements, are functional and thematically structured, and encourage active participant engagement. His delivery style is a combination of facilitator, stimulator, and expert. He establishes the classroom as a nurturing community so that students feel free to take risks and learn. To enhance engagement, comprehension, and retention, he utilizes an exciting, rich mix of media including the written and spoken word, visual aids such as cognitive maps, kinetic participation, case studies, experiential learning, research projects, simulations, distance learning, and critical discussions.

Currently, he teaches strategic management and change and innovation at SUNY Poly where he has achieved average scores as high as 4.77 and single line item scores as high as 5.0 (5 maximum possible = outstanding).

Formerly, he was a professor at American University's Kogod School of Business where he had achieved teaching scores as high as 7.0 (7 maximum possible = outstanding). During Fall 2012, he was named Outstanding Faculty and also awarded first place in a faculty syllabus competition (as judged by a panel of faculty, administrators, and students). During July of 2008 and 2009, he taught in the AU consortium program, I-5 China innovation management (with a technology and sustainability focus), held in Shanghai and other Chinese locations. Annually, he delivers a hybrid course to MBAs at the SBS in Zürich. Previously, he taught strategic management and received overall instructor scores of 1.1 and 1.2 (1 = outstanding, 5 = poor) respectively from SFSU's MBA and undergraduate students.

Lastly, Dr. Edgell has developed various study and industry tours for MBA students from premiere European universities, the University of St. Gallen and Universitat Ramon Llull, La Salle (Barcelona). He master planned an international venture capital conference in cooperation with Universitat Ramon Llull, La Salle and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Formerly, he was Executive Director of the MBA in Media and Communication at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). In cooperation with the faculty, he repositioned the program through a broad range of branding measures, curriculum revisions, and corporate sponsorships that resulted in steady improvements (30% quality rating increase) and diverse enrollments

Select Student Evaluations

Strategic Planning—earned a pure IDEA overall cumulative average score of 4.8 (3 items, score of 5 = outstanding): 2014F, 2014S, & 2013F

Change and Innovation—earned an average (6 items) MBA instructor score of 6.9 (7 = max. possible). Fall 2012

Business Values and Ethics—earned an overall MBA instructor score of 4.9 out of 5 (5 = excellent). Spring 2012

Business Policy & Strategy—earned an average (6 items, 3 sections) undergraduate instructor score of 6.8 (7 = max. possible). Fall 2012

Kogod Global Management Institute: Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Ethical Issues in Emerging Markets—earned overall MBA instructor score of 6.6 (4 items, score of 7 = outstanding). Spring 2012

Seminar in Strategic Management—earned an overall MBA instructor score of 1.1 (1 = excellent, 5 = poor). Summer 2007

Five Simple Secrets for Becoming a Great Manager—received highest faculty satisfaction score (2.8 out of 3.0 maximum possible) from international executive MBA students. Fall 2004

Select Student Comments

"I would rate Professor Edgell as one of the best instructors I have studied with. I wish I would have been able to take more courses with him!"

"Love the course and the professor."

"Professor Edgell is a great teacher. He really cares about the student and puts a lot of effort in his teach material."

"Dr. Edgell is an excellent professor and definitely a great addition to the SUNY IT staff."

"Great instructor and good teaching methodology."

"Throughout my college career, both undergraduate and graduate courses, Edgell is one of the best professors at SUNYIT."

"Thank you Professor, Out of all my classes I have taken I enjoyed yours the most. Great job!"

"The instructor was the best instructor I've had and I'm in my last semester."

"Professor Edgell was one of the best, if not the best professor I've ever had."

"I just wanted to send you my personal thanks on teaching an incredibly enriching course, that while asked a lot of me mentally, was extremely informative, surprising and rewarding. I truly appreciate the obvious effort you put forth as an instructor. I wish you all the best in the future!"

"Professor Edgell is very talented, he teaches in very different way, very intelligent way, which I appreciate … I like his sense of humor. He is a great professor."

"Very happy with the class, all material was relevant to me moving forward, even as a non business major."

"Prof. Edgell has very high expectations of his students … I have a great deal of respect for him as a professor and would like the opportunity to have him again."

"Amazing instructor! I enjoyed the class and learned a lot from the class. I loved the passion he has for the subject."

"Great instructor. Is able to articulate ideas and concepts clearly. He shows an impeccable ability to steer a class conversation to a central point …"

"Incredible teacher, I like his specific criteria, organization, and expectations."

"He did a great job of planning out the lengths of his presentations with the length of the class."

"I really miss being in school and loved every one of your lectures."

"I just wanted to say thank you. You are a great professor and your enthusiasm is rivaled by none. You're the kind of professor that makes graduating and moving on difficult. Thanks for being so helpful and making the course very enjoyable."

"Hi professor! I am just writing to thank you for this semester. I could see from the way you teach, that your purpose was for us to learn the material and apply it to real life. If you recall from the first day of class, that was the expectation of the course of the majority of students. At least that was my expectation, and it was fulfilled. For this and other reasons, I am glad to have taken BPS with you and I recommended your class to other friends from Costa Rica and Panama. I hope to see you around next semester and on the graduation."